Where to eat in Rotterdam

Picknick Rotterdam

For lunch definitely check out this place! All dishes are made freshly and served on cool wooden platters. The store has a relaxed hippie atmosphere and incredibly tasty and healthy food. Order the Roasted chicken sandwich with Avocado and Bacon and their special homemade ice-tea!



I went there for dinner and FENIX FOOD FACTORY did not disappoint. Even though it was really packed and it took a while for the food to arrive, the atmosphere and the quality of the food made up for it. FENIX FOOD FACTORY is a food hub for uprising gastronomes containing a bakery, pizzeria, barbecue, brewery and more.


Market Hall

The Market Hall is a great place for snacking. You can get all kinds of food at the variety of stalls there: Dutch cheese, fish, tapas, burgers, smoothies, chocolate-covered fruit and much more.
Definitely try Poffertjes, the typical Dutch mini-pancakes and the very thin caramel waffles “stroopwafel”.


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