Where to eat in Rome

Pizzeria Formula 1

Let me start with my favorite pizza place on this trip! Located in the neighborhood “San Lorenzo” (where apparently most good pizza places are), Formula 1 serves one of the best pizzas in Rome. The location is pretty simple and has a grungy vibe. You’ll hear lots of Italian chatter and might have some problems ordering your pizza in English- but it will be an amazing experience! (I went back here a couple of times)

farinè la pizza

If you would like to go to a fancier, but still affordable pizzeria check out this place. You can order small pizzas here as well so you can easily eat lots of different types.

Il Podista

Another great Pizza place in a student area. Lots of locals seem to come here to watch sports and the entire restaurant is sports themed. (In case you are wondering: I was so excited to eat that I wasn’t able to take a picture of the entire pizza)

 Baylon Café

If you are walking around Trastevere and are looking for a non-stereotypical snack, drink or full meal this is the place to go. The Café is full with pop-art, cool designs and elabroate furniture.  Their specialty is “Around-the-world”-Cocktails, which looked amazing!

Pizzeria a san Lorenzo “Il Mattarello d’oro”

I stumbled into this place on my very first day in Rome for lunch. I wasn’t disappointed. This was probably the most “legit” Italian place I went to. Nobody spoke English and I felt like they were surprised to see a tourist walk in. They had pretty good pizza, but their Seafood really sealed the deal for me!

La Carbonara

My favorite pasta place I went to. Lots of locals think so too! Definitely make sure to get a reservation though, as it is always crowded. They also have a great selection of wines, if you are up for a wine night!

La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro

This is a pretty typical coffee place to go to. It is right next to the Pantheon and great for a quick cup of coffee at their bar to get an energy boost while sightseeing.

SAID dal 1923

As a chocolate enthusiast I was really looking forward to go to this chocolate factory. You can get everything from delicious pralines, to chocolate covered fruit or even sit down at their café. Delicious!


I ate more gelato on this trip than I’m proud of. Here’s a list of my favorite Roman gelaterias:


This is a pretty classic Italian gelato place. They have a great amount of extremely tasteful flavors.



If you love vegan food or are lactose intolerant, this is your place to go!


Gelatería del Teatro

This is a pretty fancy gelato experience. You can get crazy flavors here like rosemary-honey-yogurt or  white chocolate-basil!


Come il Latte

I love the style of this gelateria. They have a great variety of flavors and also sell pastries. A little bonus: There are chocolate fountains where they will cover your ice cream cone with chocolate in.


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