Namibia: The highlands

From my previous articles you might assume that in Namibia it is pretty easy to travel from one inspiring highlight to another. However, in reality you have to drive an enormous amount of time through this huge country to change location. Therefore,  I spent a lot of my trip in our bus. Usually on long drives like this, I get bored and pretty quickly start working on projects, start reading, or listen to music. Yet this time I spent hours looking outside the dusty bus window towards the beautiful landscape. Namibia’s landscape has a lot to offer: quickly changing from rocky mountains, to deserts, to small lakes, dried out steppes, or deep forests- there’s nothing that won’t catch your eye.


Onjala Lodge-

On this trip I stayed at a lot of amazing lodges, but I enjoyed staying in the Onjala Lodge especially. Onjala Lodge is situated about an hour away from Windhoek Airport and is in the middle of the highlands. I started and ended my trip here. The rooms are spacious, the food is amazing, guests have access to a spa and pool, and you can watch the stars through a high-tech telescope. The staff was extremely nice and always surprised us with their hospitality. They arranged a breakfast in the mountains after a morning hike, baked cakes for birthdays, and a befriended staff member invited me on a horse trail. The best part of Onjala Lodge was the surrounding area, where you could freely go for a walk or a bicycle ride and observe the diverse amount of animals and landscape. Way to go, Onjala!


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