Namibia: Sossusvlei and the Namib desert

From the window of our truck during the four hour ride from Namibia’s capital Winhoek to the Namib desert, I watched the color scheme around me change from olive-green, to a bright yellowish-brown, then to a sudden clean looking white, and conclusively to red-brown,  the color of Namib desert’s famous sand. Throughout this changing vegetation I could spot greyish-green trees and bushes as continuous accents. These bushes suddenly started to vanish once we grew closer to the Sossusvlei area. It was a feeling of diving into a new world. Large dunes structuring the landscape as we passed by, bare trees poking out of the ground, and the wind howling over the sand masses, carrying red clouds through the bright blue sky.
The first wonderful experience I had in the Namib desert was a hike to the top of Dune 45. As I climbed up the 170m high red monstrosity, all I heard was the wind around my ears and my own breath as countless grains of sand blew onto my skin. While the hike up the front of the dune took a lot of energy, the way down was much easier. Freely I could run down the side, every single jump getting cushioned by the soft red sand.
As we continued our way towards Sossusvlei, at some point we had to change onto thick-wheeled jeeps, because the streets slowly turned into deep sand. A man with a big hat and even bigger headphones picked us up and took us on the shaky cruise through the sand masses. When even the jeep couldn’t go any further, we got out and walked the last couple of meters by foot.
After passing a large mountain, we finally arrived in Sossusvlei- the “dead end”. Sossusvlei is a bright white salt and clay pan in the middle of Namib desert with 400 year old dead trees breaking out of the ground. The most impressive part for me was the extreme contrast between the dark red sand and the white clay pan.

After a long exhausting day of great impressions and experiences I was able to ease out of the day at Namib Dune Star Camp and it was truly an experience of a lifetime. The camp is situated in the middle of the red desert dunes. There, they built up a couple of beautiful cabins with spacious decks facing the spectacular landscape around them. At night we could push our (wheeled) beds outside on these decks and sleep under African skies. Never have I ever seen a starlit sky that intensely beautiful.
Therefore, after an exhausting day of climbing dunes, riding jeeps and walking through the desert, all I wanted to do was keep my eyes open the entire night to watch the milky way and all the star signs pass by.

And that’s exactly what I did.


3 thoughts on “Namibia: Sossusvlei and the Namib desert

  1. Mit eine Tasse Kaffee am frühen Morgen Auf dem Balkon in Dresden habe ich deinen Blog gelesen und die Bilder angesehen. Es war fast eine bisschen wie dabei sein in der Wüste unt!er freiem Himmel am Morgen.
    Großartige Eindrücke, die sicher lange im Gedächtnis bleiben. Danke. Superblog. Supersohn.

    Liked by 1 person

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