Spontaneous trips are the best! Being only a four hour ride away from my home town Berlin, Prague is the perfect city for that.

At first, it was pretty unclear to me what Prague’s culture stands for. Between all-night clubbing tours, busy tourist masses, and coldly-lit, tacky souvenir shops, it is hard to get a feeling for the city’s essence. Tourism definitely is present here. However, on the other side of the river you get to enjoy the best preserved Old Town in Europe. Here you’ll find fairytaile-like Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque houses, churches and towers, traditional Czech dishes, street performers singing Czech carols, and small allies to get lost in. The traditional atmosphere is again interrupted by unexpected modern highlights, which will catch your attention. Whether it was the colorful John Lennon Wall, a meter-wide ally with a traffic light controlling pedestrians, or the “Peeing” statue in front of the Kafka museum, Prague surprised me with its diversity and its seeming randomness.

This is what made this city special to me- Prague is a city of extremes.


Flowers (2)

Things to do and see in Prague

Start your tour at the Old Town Square with its Astronomical Clock, the Jan Hus Memorial and the Týn Cathedral. Then make your way towards the Charles Bridge, cross the river and head up to the castle through Malá Strana!

Also check out the John Lennon Wall and the area around the Kafka Museum

Other things to do: Take a stroll along the river, visit the Old New Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery

I also recommend to get up early one day and experience Prague, when the rest of the city is still asleep!


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