I probably wouldn’t have expected to take a trip to Rotterdam anytime soon. But when the opportunity presented itself and I started to look into it, I knew that this city would be worth a visit:

Rotterdam is random.
Having been almost completely destroyed during World War II, this Dutch cityscape now impresses with crazy geometric architecture, bright colors and a feeling for the extraordinary. It was a challenge finding a “normal” looking building within the city center, because every one of them showed some singularity. Walking through the streets of Rotterdam I experienced a lively and energetic, yet laid-back vibe coming from the people around me.

Being only about an hour away from Amsterdam, Rotterdam is definitely worth taking a weekend trip to. You’ll experience a contrasting face of the Netherlands besides from cute canals, crooked houses and windmills,  where modern creative minds had the opportunity to truly express themselves.

If you are here for the food click here, if not keep scrolling!



Things to do and see in Rotterdam:

Explore the city and enjoy the modern, as well as the traditional architecture.
Check out the Erasmus Bridge, the Cube Houses, the “Blaaktoren”-area, the Old Harbour, the neighborhood “Delfshaven” and the Hotel New York.

Wander and shop around Market Hall and the small markets around it.

Check out the amazing interior architecture of Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam and Bibliotheek Spijkenisse (around 30 mins from the city center)





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